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Hypnose escalier

Hypnosis is a benevolent, effective and sustainable method. Hypnosis is a natural state and comparable to concentrated deep relaxation.

The subconscious comes to the fore and consciousness is "left aside". When we are relaxed and concentrated on a little-used motorway, even a car journey is a natural trance. Do you remember every exit sign? If not, you were in a trance and yet focused and alert at the same time. Because then 90% of our actions run through the subconscious.

Each of us is in a hypnotic state at least twice a day: just before waking up and just before falling asleep, in the so-called "alpha phase", the relaxed state between waking and sleeping. Hypnosis is therefore a completely natural state. We experience it several times a day without realizing it. In a state of hypnosis, we are responsive, can respond and also get out of this state without outside help.

My job is to deepen this state and to keep it stable. Depending on depth and trance, consciousness is more or less limited. Because in this state the subconscious is very open to change and allows us to work effectively with you. Negative events leave their mark on your body and mind. Often the body sends warning signals over a long period of time, which are often ignored by the hectic everyday life. However, in the course of time, body and mind manifest themselves through inappropriate patterns of thought or behavior that we cannot consciously change and must address through our subconscious.

Each of your concerns will be considered and dealt with individually together with you.

Your own subconscious finds the right solution for you and the new behavior or the newly created processes within you are more appropriate, healthier and more sustainable. This gives you more energy and your body can regenerate better.


How does hypnosis work?

After a detailed preliminary discussion, hypnosis is initiated .While you are in this state, the new solutions are found and communicated directly to your subconscious. After successful integration, you are slowly returned to your normal state. After the hypnosis you will be able to remember the new changes, but your new behaviour, perception and feelings will be "natural", i.e. not consciously controlled.


Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me.

Georg Krause Coaching & Training
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