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simply. live.

The past is the past.
What you can change is
the now. For a better tomorrow.

My commitment is to free people from their emotional burdens in order to give them authentic freedom of choice and a better quality of life.

I offer you the tools to unblock the obstacles and blockages of private and professional life, in order to make you more autonomous, productive and fulfilled.


His flexible personality and his ability to face multi-cultural challenges allow Georg to coach in German, French and English.

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Become a NLP Classic and 
New Code Practitioner

Take your personal skills to the next level!

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"After a burnout, Georg helped me regain my self-confidence by giving me strategies to stop being overwhelmed by negative emotions..."

"During our sessions, Georg gave me simple, practical, flexible and immediately applicable tools to deal with..."

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Georg Krause Coaching & Training
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